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An insight into franchising from a Franchisee's perspective

Buying a franchise is a great step if you are a first time business owner - especially if you’re coming out of a succe...more

What makes a good franchise opportunity

Want to buy a franchise, but not quite sure what to look for?  Here is a quick guide to help you evaluate the franchise...more

What technology should you expect from your franchisor?

Technology and the Internet has really revolutionised the franchise market. It’s changed how franchisees promote thems...more

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NEW LOOK for NZ's largest home services franchise

Home services franchise Green Acres has launched a smart new look as it celebrates its 21st birthday. Green Acres has sported the same folksy house-and-lawn logo since it was founded in 1991. Unsurprisingly that livery’s now looking a little dated and no longer reflects the company’s size, scope and sophistication. Today, Green A...

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